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Food Vibez 
One household at a time 




Food Vibez Way was created March 7th, 2020. I wanted to build something that would be impactful to the world. I love working with people and I also love to cook so why not put those two skills together. I believe with the help of you and your family Food Vibez Way will be a household name.  

Our Owner Chef Mo started cooking at the age of 9 years old. She watched her grandma and her mom cook all the time. Monique has always loved cooking but it never crossed her mind to make a career out of it until one day she needed a change. Monique has worked in community settings and in a day program setting with individuals with disabilities for the past 5 years. She loves her job but wanted to do more hints the idea of Food Vibez. She was able to put her passion for food and helping others into one place. Food Vibez was created to teach all individuals how to cook, learn the history of food, table etiquette and much more. Food Vibez will provide a variety of cooking classes to fit you and your families needs.

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